Saturday, May 01, 2010

Diary 2/15/10: I am dating a prostitute

Or at least, I have a second date with a prostitute. I’m making her a chicken. Then she has to leave to see a client at midnight. One of her guys likes to pee in a diaper and then have her laugh at him. I hope it’s him.

She is thirty years old and has three kids. Plus one she gave birth to as a teenager and then gave away. She grew up in foster homes getting molested and has been married twice. Her two ex husbands live together with her three kids that she knows the names of. She just finalized her second divorce last week but was also coming off a year long relationship with a British musician. Everyone is coming off a year long relationship with a British musician.

I like her a lot, actually. I met on her on OKCupid. I didn’t know. She’s a really good writer, which, this makes me realize I will forgive absolutely anything for that. Four kids, one of which appears to have been cut out of her with civil-war-era technology since her entire belly is hideous scar tissue, lives in Sherman Oaks and has no car, fucks dudes for money off Craigslist. I don’t care about any of that. She can put a sentence together. Actually, I don’t care about the kids and the hooking but the fucking scar is gross and will probably end up being the dealbreaker.


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