Monday, October 12, 2009

Diary 4/10/09: Cara

All right. What the fuck day is it? 4/10/09.

About to go out to Los Feliz to a party with Cara. Cara. Not a bad chick. Everything about her is great on paper. I’m aware I just used a phrase out of sex and the city but god dammit, it’s true. She has big tits. Her face is completely serviceable, although she does have a certain hokey Boston-Irish look about her. She is a little flabby but I like her thick, meaty ass. Also the tits. The tits the tits the tits. She really does have amazing tits. She has a shaved pussy with three large tattoos on top of it. Three gigantic, colorful, detailed tattoos above her pussy. She is on birth control and lets me nut in her. She can give a fucking blowjob without her horrible jagged snaggleteeth grating the skin off your cock.* Without making you feel like your cock was preyed upon by some hideous form of deep sea predator. But I still wish she was Roxanne.


*EXCEPT that I looked at her when she was blowing me and she didn’t even have my fucking dick in her mouth! Can you believe it? She was giving me a fucking handjob while drooling on my cock. It felt good— her blowjobs always felt good, but... insubstantial. And it turns out it’s because she was cheating. How come women just can’t suck a dick. Just put my fucking dick in your mouth. I fucking love to eat pussy. I love having genitals in my mouth— what the fuck is wrong with a dick. I can’t figure out the right way to phrase that.


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