Wednesday, April 04, 2007

the dream

Every year and a half or so I’ll have a dream that I can suck my own dick. I’ll be—you know in dreams, sometimes you just appear in a situation—I’ll be there with my dick in my mouth, thinking “holy shit! It’s not a dream this time! I can really suck my own dick!” In the dream, I am aware of the past dreams, and what’s more I’m aware that in those past dreams I also thought that it wasn’t a dream that time, that even in the past dreams I had been aware of past dreams before that , and that they were dreams, but… anyway, I always think “holy shit! I know I’ve had this as a dream many times but this time it’s for real! I can suck my own dick!”

I’m not particularly good at it. Oh—last time, I remember, in the dream I –because I have tried to suck my own dick in real life. Usually after coke, during the frantic compulisive-masturbation time, I would sit in the "plow" stretch position I learned in track, and get the tip of my tongue about four inches away… and in the dream I actually took my dick out of my mouth and held my thumb and forefinger apart on it to see how far I had gotten it in. it was like three inches. And I thought—holy shit! Before, my tongue was still like four inches away but now I got the fucking thing three inches in my mouth.

I hope some day that this happens and is not a dream. I'm getting kind of sick of it.


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