Wednesday, April 12, 2006

i told you that bitch crazy

a girl i briefly dated got back in touch with me. lovely, sweet girl.

(anon): hi!
vulkoqq: hey
vulkoqq: how are you?
(anon): i'm okay - i had a nervous breakdown and now i'm living with my parents but que sera
(anon): how are you?
vulkoqq: i'm pretty good, actually, with a few minor sticking points. but i want to hear about this breakdown
vulkoqq: tell me
(anon): uh i started putting tape all over myself - i thought i was invisible
vulkoqq: for real?
(anon): yeah
vulkoqq: it would suck if you did that and then realized it was scotch tape
vulkoqq: and you were still invisible
(anon): yeah i was driving through some pretty sketch neighborhoods too because i'd put tape all over my car and thought it was invisible too
vulkoqq: was this a manic episode?
(anon): um, i have no idea

vulkoqq: what neighborhoods did you drive around in while covered in tape?
(anon): i can't remember - there were a lot of people in tents - it was pretty industrial
vulkoqq: this is in LA?
(anon): yeah
vulkoqq: did you talk to anybody while in state?
(anon): my roommate
(anon): i told her that she or her mom had put a hex on me
vulkoqq: what was the conversation like?
vulkoqq: how did she react?
(anon): she was like, "hmmmmm."
vulkoqq: ha
vulkoqq: you were still behaving friendly, though, right? or were you confrontational?
(anon): i don't remember
(anon): plus, my brother just got arrested for possessing an illegal firearm and the police busted his knee on the metro train
vulkoqq: wow
vulkoqq: how old is your brother?
(anon): so he's on the couch
(anon): 30
vulkoqq: tough week for the parents
(anon): and this happened right around the same time
(anon): and i thought at one point i was giving birth to my brother


Blogger Julie said...

I think this girl is lying -she knows that weird stuff turns you on. What do you think?

6:45 PM  
Blogger vulkoqq said...

if she's making it up, she should make this shit up for a living.

i think we've all felt invisible at times in our lives.

i think we've all felt that we needed to drive our invisible cars through industrial wastelands and tent cities of homeless.

i think we've all felt that we were giving birth to our own brother.

10:53 PM  

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