Saturday, April 08, 2006

gonorrhea gonorrhea gonorrhea

actually i think it might be chlamydia— the discharge is transparent, not all chunky and creamy and green— but whatever the fuck it is, it’s getting worse by the second. chlamydia chlamydia chlamydia. papilloma… these are really nice sounding words. i want to go into planned parenthood tomorrow and say “hello, i’d like to be tested for” (thick italian accent) ”papilllllomaa… gonnorrrrhea…” anyway, at least i had to get fucked to get it. the chick was hot. she was filipina, which is an ethnicity i’d never fucked before, although i hate how people are all creepy about that. i hate guys who are “into asian girls...” it’s like the white chicks who only date black guys. there’s always something wrong with them. but anyway, i have gonorrhea! gonorrhea gonorrhea gonorrhea!

yeah, so i’m sitting here in the office, trying to deal with my normal work duties-- phone calls, meetings—- and i’m just totally preoccupied with this preternatural awareness of my penis, prostate and nuts… like, every little sensation is magnified a thousand fold; my prostate is swollen right near my ass so it feels like i just took a huge shit… my cock is kind of sliding around on top of my nuts in this weird little pus-bath it's created… and it stings, like the way blister-pus does after you pop one. and the tip—- the opening of the urethra kind of feels like i’ve been walking around in jeans all day with no underwear. it’s not painful per se, but it’s kind of eerily unpleasant. i know it’s a harbinger of intense genital misshapenness and pain to come. but when i look at my dick it looks perfectly normal, and the discharge hasn’t really amounted to more than a drop or two... whatever though. and in between calls i’m on hold with various publicly-financed testing centers and they all tell me that they have nothing available on saturdays or you have to call to get an appointment monday, wednesday or friday between 9 and 11 am; it’s this whole soviet-bureaucracy type system where it’s impossible to get anything done immediately , so i’m going to have to go out to this fucking porn doctor in the valley and just bite the bullet and pay. fuck it though. at least i got laid.


Blogger Mr. Richard Lee said...

Filipina women are whores. Even the ones who seem nice and pure and Catholic and graduated from Santa Clara University with a nursing degree and now work as a nurse at Stanford Medical Center. They are filthy whores, too. They suck cock better than any other ethnicity, which tells me they all have a lot of practice at it. They are the Mexicans of Asia.

It doesn't sounds like gonorrhea, though. If it were gonorrhea, your dickhole would be oozing blood and pus, and it would hurt like fire to take a piss (or even to flex your prostrate/dick muscle). Regardless, antibiotics can cure pretty much any STD except herpes.

Here is the link you are looking for. It's quiet, it's free, and you can keep things confidential (except for the fact that you've been posting about it on the internet). The last time I was there, I got some old Vietnamese male doctor examining me and telling me I didn't have v.d., but rather, just a common rash from some really dirty chick who apparently never heard of the word "douche" in her life. That was really not cool.

However, it's the county, so they are not open on weekends. Also, since it is a free county clinic, be prepared to be sitting in the waiting room next to a bunch of disgusting-looking Mexicans and crackwhore-looking black women.

4:15 AM  
Blogger vulkoqq said...

thank you for this. i ended up going to a private doctor to get it done on saturday.

this girl, by the way, could not suck a good dick. very strange. she was exceptionally skilled at all other erotic arts but she dragged teeth, even. fucking amateur hour.

2:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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