Monday, March 06, 2006

wrath of the kraken: someone tell that kraken to chill the fuck out

it keeps boiling up out of the water, latching onto our ships and just shaking the shit out of them for no reason, cracking them in half... why? seriously, by weight these ships are about 95% wood and 5% food. whereas in the deep ocean, its *natural habitat,* you can’t throw a rock without hitting six delicious whales or groupers or whale sharks or some other shit that Jacques Cousteau would describe as “a serene, peaceful emperor of the sea...” meaning it can’t even *fight back.* eating a ship would be like trying to make an entire dinner out of a brazil nut. but you know-- you just can't *reason* with this kraken.


Blogger iris of the dead said...

I love Star Trek. Now you know everything.

10:10 AM  

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