Tuesday, March 14, 2006


one of the good things about having few friends, no drugs in your house, and no girlfriend is that monday isn’t that bad. my weekend is getting up too early, taking a shit, working out like a fucking convict and then sitting on the internet. just like i would on a workday. the only difference is i can’t beat off here, and that’s more than offset by having things that distract me from the fact that I have few friends, no drugs in my house, and no girlfriend.

another good thing about monday is that it’s extremely unlikely that i will come into the office and there will be a ridiculously hot chick here, wanting to get fucked, only I can’t get an erection.

because that would really suck.


Blogger Julie said...

Speaking of not getting erections, did you see "Big Love" on HBO sunday night? I could def see you owning a hardware store with 3 wives, only you wouldnt be as perky as Bill Paxton, you'd be more like that prophet guy with a pencil thin tie.

11:36 PM  
Blogger vulkoqq said...

i do kind of look like harry dean stanton, actually.

3:30 AM  

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