Thursday, March 23, 2006

fun with AIM

(note: "=-0" was originally the AIM open-mouthed "angry/surprised" emoticon)

Justinanon00: B==> =-O <==B
vulkoqq: i ususally use 8's fo the nuts, but it's a personal decision
Justinanon00: I like the effect of one nut being larger and a little saggier... gives it more realism
vulkoqq: yeah, if you could get a cyst on there it would be even better
vulkoqq: actually you make a very good case
vulkoqq: i may switch
Justinanon00: B==>*** (o)(o)
vulkoqq: and again, not to second guess
Justinanon00: Making a cum stream is hard
vulkoqq: but i find that a tilde makes the best ejaculate
vulkoqq: ~ ~ ~
vulkoqq: 8*===> ~ ~ ~
Justinanon00: I'll buy that
Justinanon00: That's a nice looking pair of titties though
vulkoqq: for sure
vulkoqq: i think a real craftsman could make a multi-level piece
vulkoqq: but you'd have too compensate for
vulkoqq: the length of your screen name
vulkoqq: i can never pull it together
Justinanon00: ( * )
vulkoqq: that looks like an ass ready for doggystyle
Justinanon00: I I
Justinanon00: It was until you fucked up my multi level with your shenanigans
vulkoqq: see, i fucked you up
vulkoqq: try again
Justinanon00: ( * )
Justinanon00: II II
vulkoqq: see, it's hard
Justinanon00: Those are legs
vulkoqq: if you were using courier fiont it would be easier
Justinanon00: You keep messing me up
vulkoqq: b/c each character is teh same width
vulkoqq: right, the dream is a whole tableau
vulkoqq: with emoticons for heads
Justinanon00: ^
Justinanon00: I I
Justinanon00: making a penis is hard that way
vulkoqq: dude, te4ll me about it
vulkoqq: ^
vulkoqq: { }
vulkoqq: | |
vulkoqq: | |
vulkoqq: **
Justinanon00: OO
vulkoqq: ****
Justinanon00: shit
vulkoqq: oooh- nice move
Justinanon00: I fucked it yo
Justinanon00: Those were going to be balls
vulkoqq: yeah
vulkoqq: no, i see where you were going
Justinanon00: I'm glad to see we're almost 30 and still doing this shit
vulkoqq: ha
vulkoqq: fuck, beats working
vulkoqq: i'm working from a sketch
vulkoqq: i happened to have a drawing of my penis nearby
vulkoqq: a black velvet painting
Justinanon00: Such a small penis has never been done in the color black
vulkoqq: ha
vulkoqq: i had to project it onto the canvas with a flashlight
Justinanon00: It's like a call to a small, shriveled crime fighter
vulkoqq: ha
vulkoqq: if you shave it, it's liek a slightly smaler crime fighter
vulkoqq: sorry larger
vulkoqq: all right man, i have to take off.
vulkoqq: maybe tomorrow we can discuss proust


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