Friday, March 24, 2006

diary 3/23

i forgot to beat off this morning.

shit, man, i better beat off before sophie comes over. you know what? i’m actually putting “beat off” in my schedule for 7:30 so my cell phone will buzz and remind me.

goddamn.. my fucking computer... my puny hard drive, packed to the gills so i can’t get any new porn. these porns i have now are completely fucking spent. i have beat off to every scene ten thousand times, even the scabby chicks i saved for last. even the awful extended dp’s with the lube-shiny nuts waving in my face, the oddly infantile-looking genitals… the awkward male buttocks winking in and out of the camera... the woman’s mole-covered unbleached asshole gaping unintentionally, making me flash back to my colonoscopy... even those scenes. but i only have space for two movies and to find the two good ones i have to download twenty. i’m afraid to get rid of these ones because i may have to get a quick emergency jerk before a party.


Blogger Mr. Richard Lee said...

I never beat off to porn. Instead, I always just close my eyes and imagine I am raping a female I once knew or currently know. Usually, it's someone I barely know because then it becomes nearly anonymous, violent, mugger-in-the-park, bruises-on-her-neck rape, as opposed to your lame-ass, pansy date rape.

11:59 PM  

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