Saturday, February 11, 2006

nesty mcnesterson part 2

"have a seat, nesty.

"it’s been brought to my attention that, uh… how to put this? the boys over in accounts payable have brought to my attention that one of their cubicle walls appears to have been... uh, covered with *mud* bound together with what appears to be strands of... regurgitated mucous, and the whole… the whole thing is some sort of multi-chambered structure. and that in fact several small *birds* have emerged from this structure and, um... they’ve been perching on the accounting staff’s shoulders and necks and so forth, and appear to be attempting to pick insects from the hair of the employees in question. now, I know HR has issued one written reprimand to you already for, uh, building a large sort of twig-hive in the breakroom and, um… *roosting*, or perhaps *brooding* over a small flock of wrens there after hours. and so naturally, and this is not to in any way communicate a sense of distrust, but we naturally had to just ask you very directly: have you established a colony of african oxpeckers on the accounts payable floor, nesty?"

“RAAAAAKKKK!!!!! ... I mean... no.”


Blogger iris of the dead said...

this reminds me of "Bartlleby." Go Melville!

5:16 AM  

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