Friday, February 10, 2006

diary 1/23: the chick in my office has a cold sore

Wow— the cold sore. This poor girl can’t win. She has a fucking— I’ve already used “hideous” once, I really need to find a new word— this cold sore that is big and *white*, and just sort of screams at you, on her lower lip— and you can practically see the viruses and spirochetes leaping off it and onto one’s own face. After she accidentally brushed my hand I had to go wash it. You can give someone cold sore herpes by eating their pussy... she has face herpes. Bleccch... she’s fucking herpes-laden.

Oh yeah—don’t eat the pretzels. What if she’s been sticking her hand in the pretzel jar after dragging it across her saliva-laden mouth? What if those pretzels are fucking crawling with big white ready-to-pop herpes that I would then communicate to somebody’s pussy?


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very funny dude


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