Wednesday, January 18, 2006

cocaine journal 1/13: a review of the evening's product

speedy coke. brittle, ground-glass battery-acid-tasting sinus burning jaw-grinding transparent-scorpions-on-every-inch-of-my-skin-stinging-me-over-and-over-with-their-barbs-of-venomous-fire coke. HBO Undercover shaky handheld-cam doc footage of twisted nebraska white trash meth freaks where the 50-year-old mom sits down at the end of the binge with a tupperware bin full of dildos and a VHS porn coke. spasming all parkinson's style hunched over in front of the computer screen as the horrible atom-bomb LA sunrise lances through the blinds and the landord thumps and scrapes on the roof fixing the water heater, sliding the timer bar on the porn back to the exact right second while mauling my raw, flaccid penis coke.

shivering in a sweaty bed, periodically leaning over to blow impossibly long abrasive ropes of blood and snot into a crumpled dish towel, swollen eyeballs grating against the bone rims of their sockets, half-dreaming flash hallucinations of horrible fear and embarassment coke. nightmarish paranoid long walk home coke, cop cars slowing down driving by as you sniff back shiny mucilaginous slime trails that can be seen from miles away coke, what-is-this-red-eyed-trembling-fiend doing out for a walk at 5 am on a saturday morning coke... weird nervous half-nods to joggers and old people out walking their mucous-eyed spaniels coke, spine-janglingly-loud towering garbage truck dogging your steps coke... hideous and malarial...


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