Sunday, October 09, 2005

junkie ex #4

She told people that I beat her. This was after we broke up, and in fact after she had gotten together with another guy to whom she would also get engaged, but while we were still fucking. It got back to me through a couple different people. What actually happened was that one night while we were fighting, and I was super fucking piss drunk, we were yelling and screaming on the bed and I kind of knelt on top of her and shook her by the shoulders for a few seconds. And I mean-- I know that's fucking stupid, and wrong... but all the people who eventually talked to me about it seemed to get the impression that I had absolutely beaten the piss out of her on a habitual basis. Closed fist, etc., so -- whatever. Later that same night was when I became completely non compos and fucking climbed out onto the ledge outside her high window screaming my fool head off, and she called the cops; I got dragged off to the nuthouse for the night. Not by best moment.


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