Saturday, July 09, 2005

random piece of correspondence taken completely out of context

She was the only chick I ever had anal sex with. Most girls it never came up, and since I know most chicks don't take pleasure in it I had never been very pushy. I am a very considerate lover, I'll have you know. But she liked it. I only did it with her once because shortly thereafter I got IBS and the human ass became, in my view, a gut-wrenchingly abhorrent fountain of befoulment. I can't even watch anal sex in porn anymore.

Yes she swallowed every time.

Her favorite position and mine = chick on top, facing front. I am exceptionally gifted in this position. The key is to not try to be all flashy but... OK, I can't quite talk about this shit with you yet.

She was taking cocks at the beginning-- she was dating some other dude when she met and then fell in love with me. When they broke up, we were dating as of that moment and she knew it, but since she was a whore she still took a couple cocks just for kicks, and pretended we weren't dating yet. I knew, but she wouldn't admit to it until after we broke up. I would always be like "look, I know you're a whore, but I don't care. I love you anyway. You don't have to lie to me. I would have cheated on you, too, if I could have found girls to fuck me. Hell, I would cheat on you now..." I believe in being honest.

All women are whores, and they all cheat, because they can. It doesn't make them bad people.

And yeah, the way you described her as an uninhibited freak is totally accurate. A very sexually giving person who at the same time is also unafraid about receiving pleasure. We worked together; the first time we ever fucked was on our boss's desk.


Blogger Mr. Richard Lee said...

You white people have no shame.

5:38 AM  
Blogger cocopop said...

i don't know whether to be offended or flattered.

i guess raunchy sex is like that.

9:07 AM  

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