Monday, March 07, 2005

i am a racist

I am a racist. There's no getting around it, I'm a fucking racist. Not in the cross-burning I-hate-niggers kind of way but in a way where misanthropy in general channels itself through racism. Like the other day I was shopping for shirts at my local discount dept. store and the place was just aswarm with wild screaming mexican children with dirty hands and chocolately faces, just running wild all over the store. Also there but in no way engaged with these teeming hellions were the corresponding parents-- each pair a normal if somewhat squat 19-22 year old man coupled with a preposterously fat stretch-panted mamacita with high arched eyebrows drawn on in two shades of metallic paint. And I thought: at the end of the trip do these people simply take home the correct number of filthy snot-nosed children, but not necessarily the same ones they came in with? Is it part of the mexican morning toilet to make sure that your child has an appropriately filthy and chocolatey face before leaving the house? Like does the mama stand at the door with a chocolate ice cream cone covered in jimmies and marshmallows and give it a real good twist in the kids face before letting them out?

That's some reprehensible shit and I know it. But racism is a like a deep knee-jerk reaction sometimes and there's nothing you can do about it. I've been indoctrinated with good liberal values my whole life but still when a black man cuts me off on the highway I let a few slurs out good and loud. One of these days I'm going to do this in the wrong neighborhood with the windows down, and get my ass kicked. And you know what? I'll fucking deserve it.


Blogger Mr. Richard Lee said...

Your feelings are natural. For example, I hate you disgusting white people with all my heart. It's a product of having grown up in a suburban environment around you bigoted sacks of shit and having had to put up with non-stop unprovoked racial taunts from both children and adults alike. That is why if I ever saw you, and I could do it without repercussions or anyone knowing, I'd probably try to rip open your face with a broken glass bottle. Then, I'd look in your wallet to check out where you live, take a trip there, and attempt to find ways to defile all your white female relatives. Nine months later, you'd still have scars on your face as my early Christmas present to you, and you'd also have a bunch of nephews and nieces who would bear a striking resemblance to me.

However, I'm a good, taxpaying citizen and stand-up guy, so I don't do those things. I just think them about you (and your sisters, mother, aunts, nieces, and female cousins). It's no big deal or anything.

3:37 AM  
Blogger vulkoqq said...

That's fine. My license is right under the card for the Korean massage parlor.

You know, I actually have had a bottle broken over my head in a racially-motivated incident. No joke. It was a bunch of like 10 year old black kids. I should post that story, you'd love it.

12:29 AM  
Blogger Mr. Richard Lee said...

"My license is right under the card for the Korean massage parlor."

Well, now that sentence just didn't make any sense at all. You'll forgive me if I wonder how that line bears any relation at all to the following points that I brought up in my post:

(1) It is natural to have racist feelings.

(2) Racist feelings are sometimes a product of negative childhood experiences.

(3) White people, both children and adults alike, are prone to engaging in unprovoked racial taunts and slurs.

(4) These unprovoked racial slurs from white people breed resentment and hatred from other groups of people.

In other words, you have failed to respond to any of my points, and instead, you have resorted to what appears to be some sort of intended personal insult, though I cannot be too sure since I cannot recall ever working in a Korean massage parlor, nor am I aware if any of my relatives or friends have worked in one. I also don't understand what the "license" is all about. Is Tim referring to his driver's license? If so, why would a Korean massage parlor, which is an entity/idea and not an actual person, have a driver's license, too? Does Tim have a small business, and is he referring to his business' name on the strip mall marquee as being below one for "Oriental Massage?" But, that's not a license -- just a store sign. Is Tim referring to the State Board of Equalization seller's permit? If so, how would anyone know where one's seller's permit is situated within the California state database of fictitious businesses? I just don't get it.

Anyway, this sort of brings me to my next point . . . why is it that white people always feel the need, when confronted with their own racist, prejudiced, and filthy tendencies, to always try to deflect the topic and/or aim some sort of racially charged insult at another group? Why can't you people just respond to the points and acknowledge your failings? It's like if there's a discussion on how whites have historically subjugated blacks in America, eventually some cracker pipes in about how he's not racist but how black people have always mistreated him and how that cracker is somehow a victim of "reverse discrimination." To crackers like that, I always just want to point out that the discussion is supposed to be about his kind's failings, and the way to discuss that intelligently is to engage in some introspection, not some lame finger-pointing or deflection. But, usually the black people and crackers involved in this discussion are stupid, stupid animals, so the conversation mostly degenerates into screaming and neck shaking/wiggling by the Nubian sisters out there. Mexicans are too stupid, macho, and smelly to even talk about racism. And, since Asian females are usually a bunch of sellout whores who are too busy sucking tiny white smegma-encrusted dicks to disagree with whatever any cracker says, this dialogue about white bigotry never even occurs between Asians and whites.

Can't you people just acknowledge your bigoted ways without whining? Here, we have Tim actually acknowledging in the initial post that he is a racist. Good step. Then, I point out that it's natural and talk about the effects of Tim's racism on others such as myself. Then, Tim's response is something unintelligible, but it appears to be a deflection of some sort. That is just annoying. It also shows that white people just don't understand the true effects of their racism on other people. They can make light of racial jokes. They don't understand that those comments will fester in others and build up in rage and hostility. Then, these crackers cry ignorance and confusion when a black guy rapes a white woman with the pointy end of an umbrella. Sometimes, I think I'm the last smart person left on the planet.

12:12 AM  
Blogger vulkoqq said...

They have business cards.

1:52 AM  
Blogger vulkoqq said...

Ergo: in order to "look in (my) wallet and find out where (I) live" one would have to locate my driver's license, with address, underneath the business card.

2:12 AM  

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