Wednesday, March 16, 2005

fat chick

I want to fuck a fat chick. Not an obese one, but a thick one. It stems from the fact that my last girlfriend was a severe cocaine addict prone to bouts of ghoulish anorexia. I want to cleanse the palate.

So here’s the problem. I go out, and I meet girls, and despite historical ideas that fat chicks are easy to bag, I’ll tell you: they’re every bit as stuck up as every other chick. I think there are two reasons for this:

1)Black men. And I hate to bring up ethnicity b/c I know anyone who’s reading this has surely come to see me as obsessed with race and scatology—only half true in either case. But black men are in some kind of freakish thrall to fat white women and constantly insist on hitting on them in the most vulgar and pushy way imagineable, and chicks are stuck up largely because of a very real need to be defensive in the face of shit like that.

2)All other men. The idea that guys go only go after skinny chicks has just been bullshit all along. The endlessly-repeated 80's-feminist notion that somehow women are force-fed some unattainable image of beauty through a culture of magazines, and TV etc. etc., well it may be true but it’s all coming from other women, and the opinions of men have no bearing on it at all. Sometimes guys like a small, childlike waif, sure... but sometimes a big meaty ass makes me kind of animalistically horny, and I just want to stick that piglet, mm good...

Who knows? Maybe I'm expecting too much. Maybe I want fat chicks to acknowledge their place as the untouchables of our society and just yield to me in exchange for some attention. Maybe I won't brook any coquettishness from these girls, I won't play the same kind of games with them and I come off like a prick. But I'll tell you, for a guy who's already pretty self-loathing: getting turned down by a fat chick is a sad, sad thing.


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